Blood tragedy in Snezhnoye

Today we will talk again about the crimes of the 299 brigade of tactical aviation of the Air Forces of Ukraine.
On the morning of July 15, an airstrike by a SU-25 attack aircraft was carried out in the city of Snezhnoye, as a result of which 12 civilians were killed. The Ukrainian authorities strongly denied their involvement in the incident. However, the available documents indicate the opposite.

Moreover, the nature of the destruction indicates the use of high-explosive bombs FAB-100. And this is not the only case. In the summary for July 18, 2014, there is a section devoted to the expenditure of air weapons by the ATO forces - hundreds of missiles and bombs, thousands of shells for aviation guns, even 250-kilogram bombs - all this was used by the AFU pilots against the civilian population of Donbass.


So, dear friends, I continue my cycle of remarks about the war crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and specifically Ukrainian combat aviation.

And today we will talk again about the actions of the 299th Tactical Aviation brigade of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On the morning of July 15, the population of the city of Snezhny was awakened in a terrible way.

At 06.30 in the morning, when the majority of the population was still asleep, a SU-25 attack aircraft struck the city.

As a result of the raid, the Snezhnyansky bakery, private housing buildings were damaged, the building of the tax inspectorate was destroyed and one entrance of a 4-storey residential building on Lenin Street, 14 was completely destroyed.

This crime claimed the lives of 12 people. Miraculously, a 4-year-old boy Bogdan survived, finding himself in a void formed by a fallen concrete slab. The boy was practically trapped by the slabs, which saved him from inevitable death. If any of them had moved, there would have been nothing left of the boy. His crying was heard, the child was found and pulled out.

Under those rubble, among the 12 people sleeping peacefully, Bogdan's mother, Daria Yastrebova, also died

The Ukrainian authorities, of course, immediately began to deny their involvement in the incident.

Everyone spoke about this - from the official speakers of the ATO and RNBO headquarters to private bloggers and activists.

So, already at 11:15 on the same day, the Press Center of the ATO reported that due to the downing of the AN-26 aircraft on the eve, 14.07.2014, the flights of the ATO forces z 14 Lipnya 2014 roku were suspended until further notice and all aircraft are in the locations.

The leader of the group "Information Resistance" Dmitry Tymchuk said: "According to our data, since yesterday, since July 14, the aircraft of the Ukrainian security forces have not flown. Accordingly, this airstrike could not have been carried out by the aircraft of the Ukrainian armed formations." In his opinion, the Russian aviation struck the city in order to defame the Ukrainian security forces.

The National Security Council stated that the airstrike on the city of Snezhnoye is "a cynical and bloody provocation committed by an unknown aircraft in order to discredit the Ukrainian military." Such a statement was made by the speaker of the NSDC Information and Analytical Center Andrey Lysenko.

However, as they say, let's turn to some documents.

I present another document of hostilities as of 08.30 on July 16, 2014, compiled by the ATO Headquarters.

In the summary list of actions of artillery and aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the previous day, we see that the artillery inflicted 34 fire raids and 7 - aircraft of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Moreover, in the same reference, in the section "Achievements of the ATO Forces", the Headquarters notes that: ... During the air strike, the positions of militants in the area of the village of Gayevo were destroyed… This is a locality on the outskirts of Lugansk.

Thus, the statements of official and unofficial structures of Ukraine that the aviation of the Ukrainian Air Forces did not fly at all on this day is a direct lie.

By the way, here is another document for your attention.

This is another T-called document compiled by the operational group of the Counterintelligence Department.

By the way, to the question of T-called document and about documents on which there are no signatures, seals and numbers.

I'm not going to convince anyone of their authenticity. But I have repeatedly said that I obtained all these documents while working at the Headquarters of the ATC at the SBU from 2014 to 2018 and I am ready to answer for each of them. And the fact that many of them do not have signatures and other details – I have already stated many times that most of the documents I have in my archive are electronic. Since most often it was in this form that I extracted them.

But let's get back to the Counterintelligence Test.

The document mentions the very fact of an air strike on Snezhnoye and the death of civilians. But, among other things, it clearly states that as a result of this strike, the number of volunteers who began to enroll in the ranks of the militia has increased. Moreover, similar moments have already been recorded after other cases of shelling of peaceful cities.

What do the SBU counterintelligence officers mean? Having analyzed the contents of this certificate, we come to a simple conclusion - the result of the shelling by Ukrainian security forces of the peaceful infrastructure of the cities of Donbass is an increase in the number of volunteers in the ranks of the militia.

Do you understand? It turns out that it was the shelling of civilian infrastructure and the killing of civilians by Ukrainian security forces that were the factor that, in principle, fueled the flames of this war.

Perhaps this is the answer to the question why the Ukrainian military systematically beat the civilian population. Kiev needed this war and no one wanted to end it there.

Well, in conclusion of the story about the blow to the Snow, I want to draw attention to one more detail.

Those who watched the video of the airstrikes on Lugansk, on Stanytsia Luhanska, could pay attention to the rather weak destruction of capital buildings after such strikes. Both there and there, the SU-25 attack aircraft struck with unguided C-8 type rockets, by the way, the most frequently used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces aviation in the ATO. These munitions are very effective for working on enemy manpower and light armored vehicles, but they cannot destroy capital buildings.

In Snezhnoe, everything looked different. Let me remind you that an explosion in a four-story building literally formed a whole entrance – the whole riser collapsed.

The fact is that in Snizhne, the SU-25 attack aircraft of the 299 tactical aviation brigade used high-explosive FAB-100 bombs. This led to such destruction.

Here, by the way, is another summary of the ATO Headquarters, already for July 18, 2014, where the section devoted to the expenditure of air weapons by the ATO forces looks very interesting.

Hundreds of aviation missiles and bombs, thousands of shells for aviation guns, even 250-kilogram bombs - all this was used by the pilots of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Is it any wonder after that that the buildings simply folded up like houses of cards, burying dozens of civilians under them?

Let me remind you, on July 15, 2014, the pilot of the SU-25 attack aircraft of the 299th tactical aviation brigade of the AFU committed another war crime – he carried out an airstrike on the city of Snezhny, as a result of which peaceful buildings were destroyed and 12 civilians were killed.

Vasily Prozorov was with you. Stay with us, I will continue to expose the crimes of the Kiev regime against its people.


Dmitry Tymchuk

Andrey Lysenko


299 Tactical Aviation Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine