CIA oversees a secret training program for Ukrainian intelligence officers

We recommend reading the article of the newspaper Ridus about the CIA-supervised secret training program for Ukrainian intelligence officers.

Over a dark secret

On Tuesday, Prozorov took part in the program, where he spoke about the sabotage organized by the Ukrainian special services

Corruption on an international scale: from Poroshenko to Zelensky

Corruption is actively flourishing in Ukraine. This is not a secret either for Ukrainians or for the leaders of the European Union, who openly declare the impossibility of Nezalezhnaya membership in the EU due to the scale of financial fraud.

Vasily Prozorov about the search for the missing people in Donbass on "Zvezda" channel

New details of war crimes in the Donbass and search for the missing people - these are the main topics of "Otkryty Efir" live stream

Ukraine vs Nord Stream and itself

Vasily Prozorov discussed with the journalists of the Sputnik agency the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline

Interview for the Ridus online newspaper

Vasily Prozorov spoke about the hidden moments of the war in the Donbas, as well as about the behind-the-scenes processes in the activities of the Ukrainian special services.

Interview with

SBU Lieutenant Colonel Vasily Prozorov in an exclusive interview shared information about what is happening in Kiev on the eve of the storming of the Donbass

USA demands extradition from Ukraine of American mercenaries who committed atrocities in Donbass

In addition to the recent investigation, we want to pay your attention a report on the Russia 24 TV channel, which is also devoted to the activities of American mercenaries in Ukraine.